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So you've found us! Welcome! If you happened to stumble across this page unexpectedly, let us tell you a little about ourselves and our business.

We are Terry and Gary Dillard, two brothers engaged in designing visual media (i.e., web sites and production videos) for individuals and small businesses. We've put together this website to show off what we can do and kind of explain things a little. Like our daddy always says, "If thy horn thou dost not toot, the same shall not get tooteth." God love him.

Our parents raised us to be straight-talkers. We won't mislead you about your needs or our capabilities. We're informal in our speech, but don't let that make you think that we're casual about the media we design. We try really hard to keep things simple, to respect you as our customer, and to explain things where you can understand them.

We want each customer to be a satisfied customer. Our specialty is helping individuals, small businesses, and non-profit and Christian groups and organizations present themselves or their special events in an economical yet professional manner. We're very proud of the fact that you will always get your money's worth for the services we provide. We handle it all -- from web design, to graphics, to hosting. Just click on each of the menu choices to the left and see what we mean.


Terry Dillard

North Carolina
Gary Dillard


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